About Us

The Network for the Advancement and Perpetuation of Jewish Culture ( ) was established by a diverse group of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the purpose of advancing and perpetuating our rich heritage and history.

We are strictly an advocacy and service organization, and although we are not funders or seeking funds, a nominal annual registration fee for membership will be established in the future for those wishing to join our network.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor those who came before us by continuing to preserve, nurture, and strengthen our vibrant Jewish culture, so that it can flourish and flow forward into the future for the generations to come.


Debra Polsky – Dallas

)ri Z Soltes – D.C.

Renee Stanley – Dallas 

Board of Directors

Marna Edenson – Dallas
Marlene Goren – Dallas
Marcy Helfand – Dallas
Mark Jacobs – Dallas
Isabel Kahn – Seattle
Arnold Schwartzman – L.A.
Livia Vanaver – N.Y.
Susan Wilkofsky – Dallas

Advisory Board

Ruth Goodman – N.Y.
Veronique Jonas — Dallas
Abby Kratz – Dallas
Aaron Lansky – Mass
Alan Mondell – Dallas
Nancy R. Stanley – Dallas
Andrew Teirstein – N.Y.
Aaron Wolf – L.A.

Contributing Artists

Isabel Kahn – Seattle
Nan Phillips — Dallas
Nancy R. Stanley – Dallas
Susan Kandell Wilkofsky — Dallas